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Trend Stream 2007: Simplicity Beyond Irony
Book, 6”x8”, Offset Print on Paper
Paperback: 102 pages
Publisher: Korean Trend Research Institute PFIN (March 04, 2005)
We predicted upcoming trends for 2006. Our team saw simplicity as the keyword in approaching the society seeking a new balance. Simplicity could be a new first step beyond the postmodern irony. Several cases described in the book suggest how marketers are concerned about presenting complicated problems in a simplistic manner. The ecological balance could be used to solve this. This book shows that the recent simplistic movement can derive from all industries in any way. And it is meaningful to suggest a direction of how simplicity can be applied to many different fields.

004 Prologue
006 Editorial Note
008 Contents
010 Simplicity?
012 Why 'Simplicity' is important?
014 New Simplicity
028 Irony Solution, Simplicity
040 Enjoyable
042 Beyond Service
050 Beyond Global
056 Esthetic
058 Beyond Price
064 Beyond Tech
070 Core
072 Beyond Home
078 Beyond Mass
084 Convenient
086 Beyond Classic
092 Beyond Ethic
098 Simplicity, Beyond Irony
100 Keywords

Why ‘Simplicity Beyond Irony’ ?
So far we had been concentrated all our efforts on analyzing an internal situation that we are in. 2005 Stream, Taste showed that a society not only consisted of each individual, but each even individual was mixed up with a complicated Taste. SIMPLICITY, as a means to an approach to the society seeking a new balance, suggests a new first step beyond the postmodern irony.  In postmodern circumstances, we made an effort to realize an equal balance while we experienced excessive diversification. But the effort itself to make equally is very artificial and doesn’t end up the perfect harmony but the coexistence. Such limit made us face with numerous confusions. Now the society gets out of ironies that these confusions mass produce, it starts to seek a more natural and simple new balance. SIMPLICITY, as a means to an approach to the society seeking a new balance, will be a new first step beyond the postmodern irony. Several cases from a body of this text will suggest how marketers may be concerned about complicated problems to offer customers the best simplicity. The ECO Balance suggested from a body would be used as the methodology to solve these problems. This book studies that Simplicity occurred recently has anymeaningcand Characteristic, comes out across all industries in any way. And it is meaningful enough to suggest a direction how Simplicity can apply to the work of various categories.