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July 4th 1999, Bloomington IN USA
Book, 12.2”x8.8”
This book depicts my sister’s very private story of her guilt about a friend of hers who was killed. In this project I use an official form of traffic accident report in a calm tone.   Through accident reports which describe the situations vividly by using both pictures and statements, this piece intends to trace the path from her advice to the event leading to his death.

It's from my sister.

I don't remember exactly how we met for the first time. I was probably watching a TV in the dorm lounge and he approached me and asked if I was from Korea. I guess it wouldn't be difficult for him to recognize that I was Korean because there were a few Koreans who stayed in the language school dorm among a number of foreigners with blue eyes. He came to the US a few months after I arrived. Since I was a little bit more familiar with things in the US, the school, and the dorm than him, I could give him some information and advice. I didn't get a good first impression of him. Earrings were hanging on both his ear lobes. Piercings for men weren't popular in Korea, and guys with them were considered insincere.

My roommate, Aiko, clearly remembered the first moment she saw him. She said she remembered how happily he, Wonjoon, was smiling when he brought me a sandwich he made to my room to thank me for the advice I gave him. Aiko said he must be a very nice guy to do that. She added that usually guys "buy" a gift rather than "make" something. Maybe because of what Aiko said, or maybe because he was always nice since then in spite of the negative first impression, Aiko and I got close to him very quickly.

All three of us went for lunch, dinner or ice cream whenever we felt like it. Sometimes we cooked together. We practiced English together and made fun of one another for ugly accents or grammar mistakes. The three of us also went to the same church. Actually, Aiko and I didn't go to church before we met him, but he told us we could experience new things, meet new people, and better understand American culture. Finally he convinced us to go. And, yes, thanks to the church we had a chance to meet new people, including a warm old woman who volunteered to be an English conversation partner for us on a regular basis. It was not only a good opportunity for us to learn English but also a good chance to learn about the American family. That summer was too great for all three of us to forget.

One day I recommended that he take one of the economics classes at the school. I was studying economics at that time and he was majoring in business management, so I thought that economics would give him an eye to see how the whole economy runs, and it would make him understand all the economic news and articles better. As always, he was happy with my recommendation and appreciated it.

He and Aiko decided to stay longer to get into the undergraduate program in US, but I came back to Korea to finish college. After I left, all three of us had kept in touch and talked over the phone or email about how much fun we had during the time we were together. Two years after I went back, Wonjoon called me and said he was visiting Korea and wanted to see me and introduce someone to me. I went to the tea shop where we were supposed to meet, and he was sitting there with a blue-eyed girl. He said he had two pieces of news. The first one was that he decided to join the master's program in economics; he said he really liked the classes I recommended and he was preparing for graduate school. The second one was about the blue-eyed girl who was his girlfriend. She tried to speak some Korean but she couldn't speak more than very basic words or greetings. He said she was his English tutor.

He said he had a big fight with his father because his father didn't want him to have a non-Korean girlfriend. I knew that it was almost impossible for his father to accept her because he was the only son in his family. He said he just wanted to introduce her to me who, he thinks, wouldn't judge him and would wish them the best. He finished his sentence by saying that he wished he could have been born as a white man who could love his girlfriend with no such suffering…If only he could be reborn.

I was so happy to hear that he wanted to continue to study economics, which was my recommendation, and I was also proud that he didn't give up his relationship with his girlfriend in spite of the big troubles with his family. We had a nice dinner, and they left for the US a few days later. A few months later he called me and said he was admitted to the master's program in economics at Indiana University and was going to move there soon. At that time, I planned on going to Baltimore, a US city, for two months as a visiting student for my master's program as well. So, we promised to arrange sometime to meet each other in the US while I was there. I was supposed to call him when I arrived in the US.

When I arrived in Baltimore, I realized that I forgot to bring his telephone number. So, I called up my sister to ask her to look at my notes for his number. My sister said, "Juyoung, Is the name of the guy you talked about to me Wonjoon? Is that right?"
"Yes, why?" I said.
"Juyoung, how can I tell? How can I tell?" she said.
"What? Why?"
"Juyoung, his name is Wonjoon Yoon, right?"
"Yes, how do you know his last name?"
"Juyoung, he's dead. He's dead,"
"What? what are you talking about?"
She said she was watching TV and that morning a crazy white supremacist shot randomly several Asians and American-Africans in Indiana and two guys were killed. One of those two guys was Wonjoon. I couldn't talk to her anymore, and I didn't know how I took that news. How could I tell this to Aiko? Why Wonjoon? Why him? He was the one who wanted to be a white man to love his white girlfriend…What irony…Why him?

It happened on US Independence Day. His death was all over the media. This is what I read in an article in the Washington Post. It was Sunday morning. He was walking in the parking lot with his friends toward a church. All of sudden, there was the sound of gunfire. He was shot twice in his back. He didn't arrive at the church, but he went to the God he loves. The article said the guy who shot him killed himself while running away.

Sometimes I ask myself if it would have been different if I had not advised him to take that economics class so that he would not have moved to Indiana to do his master's program in economics. Then, would he be around Aiko and me still? Or, sometimes I think he might be reborn somewhere as a white guy so that he could love his girlfriend with the blessings of his family…