_________CV: Visual Communication Designer
(2011) Expanding Iconography in Digital Age
(2011) Expanding Iconography > As a 'Barcode'
(2011) Expanding Iconography > Library Classifications
(2011) Expanding Iconography > As a Language
(2010) Expanding Iconography > Syntax
(2007) ISOTYPE Created in a Limited Line Frame
(2007) Typeface Created in a Limited Line Frame
(2011) Course: Envisioning Information
(2010) July 4th 1999, Bloomington IN USA
(2009) What time is it now?
(2009) He wants to be friends with her
(2009) More Beautiful Moments and Memories
(2006) Menus with Intuitive Ideas for Right Flatware
(2009) Following History of the Chinese Language
(2009) Mysteries of the Alphabet
(2008) A Look at the Sun in Various Scripts
(2006) Trend Stream 2007: Will
(2005) Trend Stream 2006: Simplicity
(2004) Seal Engraving
(2010) I am not only located in space and in time
(2009) A Story Composed with Only /Shi/
(2008) Knitting Book
(2008) The Formation Rules of the Chinese Character
(2009) Korean Pavilion of Heimtextil Frankfurt 2009
(2008) Korean Pavilion of Heimtextil Frankfurt 2008
(2008) Amulets
(2008) Amulets on New Year's Letter Paper
(2008) Train in the Phoenix Island Resort in Jeju Island
(2004) Hitchcock comes to Korea
(2007) A Coffee House_Take a Break
(2007) SPM Talos
(2006) Seoul Toto Kid's Dental Clinic
(2006) The Korean People Artist Federation
(2006) On Game, No Game
(2006) Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics
(2006) Ecosil
(2006) Record
(2005) Alquimste in Firstview
(2004) Mindtrip in Firstview
Expanding Iconography in Digital Age
MFA Graduate Thesis Exhibition Installation Overview
Advisors: Ann Tyler, BJ Krivanek
Awarded MFA Graduation Fellowship
Selected for Outstanding Achievement, 2012 HOW International Design Award
I explored iconography as not only as a 'language' but also as a 'barcode.' To show the relationship between universality and cultural differences in iconography, I created two sets of new intuitive icons in the library classification systems of U.S.A. and Korea. Beyond pictogram, which points out the shape of a specific item, this iconography, defining each abstract term, reveals the boundaries of knowledge in each country.   Also, this iconography drawn in Java systematically in black and white array patterns could be used as 2D- barcodes; however, they also have the potential to be a visual and comprehensive language for users. Specifically the sub-project 'Smart Positioning System' and 'Barcode As Logo' attempted interconnection of iconography and human interaction method.
Engraved on Acrylic Plates with LED, 21.25 x 37. 25 x 1.25 in