_________CV: Visual Communication Designer
(2011) Expanding Iconography in Digital Age
(2011) Expanding Iconography > As a 'Barcode'
(2011) Expanding Iconography > Library Classifications
(2011) Expanding Iconography > As a Language
(2010) Expanding Iconography > Syntax
(2007) ISOTYPE Created in a Limited Line Frame
(2007) Typeface Created in a Limited Line Frame
(2011) Course: Envisioning Information
(2010) July 4th 1999, Bloomington IN USA
(2009) What time is it now?
(2009) He wants to be friends with her
(2009) More Beautiful Moments and Memories
(2006) Menus with Intuitive Ideas for Right Flatware
(2009) Following History of the Chinese Language
(2009) Mysteries of the Alphabet
(2008) A Look at the Sun in Various Scripts
(2006) Trend Stream 2007: Will
(2005) Trend Stream 2006: Simplicity
(2004) Seal Engraving
(2010) I am not only located in space and in time
(2009) A Story Composed with Only /Shi/
(2008) Knitting Book
(2008) The Formation Rules of the Chinese Character
(2009) Korean Pavilion of Heimtextil Frankfurt 2009
(2008) Korean Pavilion of Heimtextil Frankfurt 2008
(2008) Amulets
(2008) Amulets on New Year's Letter Paper
(2008) Train in the Phoenix Island Resort in Jeju Island
(2004) Hitchcock comes to Korea
(2007) A Coffee House_Take a Break
(2007) SPM Talos
(2006) Seoul Toto Kid's Dental Clinic
(2006) The Korean People Artist Federation
(2006) On Game, No Game
(2006) Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics
(2006) Ecosil
(2006) Record
(2005) Alquimste in Firstview
(2004) Mindtrip in Firstview
Poster, 16.5”x11.7”, Digital Screen Shot of Poster Project
Amulet for the Dead to be Reborn in the Nirvana by Buddha’s Divine Protection
The whole shape of this icon showing a vertical symmetry represents a coffin. This icon represents a prayer that the soul of the dead will be released from their tomb and get a reincarnation up to the nirvana under the protection of Buddha commanding stars in the night sky.  
Amulet to Repel Mishaps and Bring Good Luck
A rooster crowing at dawn is used as a symbol dispelling dark and evil spirits and inhaling fresh energy from the morning air. Signs in the amulet contain many diverse icons lifting the sun up and welcoming the morning.  
Amulet that Wishes to Escape from the Pain of Hell
This poster represents an amulet intended to exit from the painful agony of hell. By placing together in one place an iconic sign meaning escaping from the hell with the protection of Buddha and an imaginary guardian animal named “Haitai”, who is supposed to repel bad spirits, the effects of the amulet are more intensified than otherwise.  
Amulet that Brings Prosperity
This fan, made out of coins, is intended to bring luck in wealth by generating wind that brings money. Symbols depicted from old coins of ancient Korea, representing blooming flowers of money, were used as a graphic component of an icon in the amulet.  
Amulet to Have a Deep Connections among People’s Mind
When the word ‘to work’ or ‘to function’ is said in the Orient, it refers to the state of vital energy in everyone’s body or mind being flowed actively and well in circulation. All vital energy, called ‘Qi’ that exists in the world is supposed to flow through one ultimate path in the sense that everything is connected through the circulated energy. This amulet is meant to find the contact nodes by employing a map of acupuncture points to be able to promote an effective flow of Qi among people, and eventually to bring in unified cohesion among them.