_________CV: Visual Communication Designer
(2011) Expanding Iconography in Digital Age
(2011) Expanding Iconography > As a 'Barcode'
(2011) Expanding Iconography > Library Classifications
(2011) Expanding Iconography > As a Language
(2010) Expanding Iconography > Syntax
(2007) ISOTYPE Created in a Limited Line Frame
(2007) Typeface Created in a Limited Line Frame
(2011) Course: Envisioning Information
(2010) July 4th 1999, Bloomington IN USA
(2009) What time is it now?
(2009) He wants to be friends with her
(2009) More Beautiful Moments and Memories
(2006) Menus with Intuitive Ideas for Right Flatware
(2009) Following History of the Chinese Language
(2009) Mysteries of the Alphabet
(2008) A Look at the Sun in Various Scripts
(2006) Trend Stream 2007: Will
(2005) Trend Stream 2006: Simplicity
(2004) Seal Engraving
(2010) I am not only located in space and in time
(2009) A Story Composed with Only /Shi/
(2008) Knitting Book
(2008) The Formation Rules of the Chinese Character
(2009) Korean Pavilion of Heimtextil Frankfurt 2009
(2008) Korean Pavilion of Heimtextil Frankfurt 2008
(2008) Amulets
(2008) Amulets on New Year's Letter Paper
(2008) Train in the Phoenix Island Resort in Jeju Island
(2004) Hitchcock comes to Korea
(2007) A Coffee House_Take a Break
(2007) SPM Talos
(2006) Seoul Toto Kid's Dental Clinic
(2006) The Korean People Artist Federation
(2006) On Game, No Game
(2006) Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics
(2006) Ecosil
(2006) Record
(2005) Alquimste in Firstview
(2004) Mindtrip in Firstview
Jinyoung Joung : Visual Communication Designer
| A St. Catherine Hall #303 Catholic University of Daegu Hayang-eup Gyeongsan-si Gyeongbuk 712702 Republic of Korea |
| C 82-53-850-3920 | F 82-53-850-3910 | E | W |

R E S E A R C H _I N T E R E S T S
Dynamic information visualization, Intuitive and emotional interaction design, crowdsourcing, design rhetoric and visual & verbal communication

MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL, USA, August 2009 ~ July 2011
Emphasis Visual Communication Design
Thesis: Expanding Iconography (Awarded MFA Graduation Fellowship)
Advisor: BJ Krivanek, Ann Tyler

BFA, Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, Korea, March 2000 ~ February 2004
Concentration in Visual Communication Design (Honorary Early Graduation)

Harbin University, Harbin, China, July 2002 ~ January 2003
Intensive Chinese Language Program

Communication Department, SNU, Seoul, Korea, July ~ August 2000
Broadcasting Workshop Program

P R O F E S S I O N A L _ E X P E R I E N C E
Assistant Professor, Catholic University of Daegu, Deagu, Korea, March 2013 - Present

Creative Director, Trendlab506, Seoul, Korea, September 2012 - February 2013
Trendlab506 project: corporate identity design
Seoul style guide: book design
Creative trend project: 2013/14 creative tend color book design

Speaker, Smart Museum of Art, IL, USA
Workshop: Korean kite making

Speaker, SAIC, IL, USA
Expanding Iconography, part of In Search of New Dimensions lecture series, October 2011
Ideogram and Iconography, part of Ideas Are Inspiring lecture series, October 2009

Teaching Assistant, SAIC, IL, USA
Course: Envisioning Information - Analysis and Display, Instructor: Stephen Farrell, Spring 2011
Course: Beginning Typography, Instructor: Renate Gokl, Fall 2010
Course: Computer as a Motion Graphics Tool, Instructor: Caroline Young, Spring 2010

Senior Graphic Designer, ISM, Seoul, Korea, December 2007 ~ July 2009
Kellogg's project: newspaper advertising design
SNU MBA project: newspaper advertising design and brochure design
Phoenix Island resort project: shuttle train design
SPM, MBAP and BSN: corporate identity creation and design
Younglim project: advertising planning and brochure design

Design Researcher, PFIN, Seoul, Korea, March 2004 ~ September 2006
Creative trend project: cultural trend visualization, event identity creation and book design
Trend stream project: market trend analysis and event identity creation
Fashion magazine: fashion market trend research and book design
Textile Fair, Preview in Seoul and Shanghai (2005, 2006): event identity creation and interior design
Lotte Mart project: scenario planning and brand story creation
Ecosil project: brand story creation and brand identity design

Freelancer, Chicago+Seoul+Frankfurt, December 2003 ~Present
System for material re-use at SAIC: corporate identity design
Textile Fair, Heimtextil Frankfurt 2008, 2009: curated and designed Korean pavilion
Institute of Biomedical Law & Ethics in Ewha Woman's University: corporate identity design
Youngyu kindergarten: website design
Tongil tower, Gaeseong industrial complex: curation and interior graphics design
HKK project: hanger package design and corporate identity design
Musical, Time Seller: event identity creation, advertising planning and graphics design
Toto Kid's Dental Clinic: corporate identity, signage and interior design

President of the Art Society, SNU, Seoul, Korea, September 2003~ December 2004
Published and edited book, "Artists and Designers" sponsored by SNU
Planed two seminars and events on natural dye
Hosted three seminars and events on art therapy sponsored by SNU

Board Member of Film-Making Club: Yalasung, SNU, Seoul, Korea, August 2001~ July 2002
Directed "Hwanki Snack" and "Mafia", and produced four movies
Organized Yala Independent Film Festival sponsored by SNU
Formed a study group on storytelling

Solo Show - More Beautiful Moments and Memories Than We Can Ever Imagine, Gallery Uno, Berlin, Germany, 2013
Transition, Korean Cultural Center of Chicago, Wheeling, IL, USA, 2012
Solo Show - Following Ideograms, Gallery Uno, Chicago, IL, USA, 2012
Solo Show - Expanding Iconography, Prak Sis Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, 2012
Refreshing,The Noyes Art Gallery, Evanston, IL , USA, 2012
2nd North Park Art Walk, Presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, Chicago, IL, USA, 2011
Design Show, juried by SAIC, SAIC, Chicago, IL, USA, 2011
SAIC MFA Thesis Exhibition, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, 2011
Embracing: 37th Exhibition of Chicago Korean-American Art Association, Korean Cultural Center of Chicago, Wheeling, IL, USA, 2011
Start Sharp, juried by SAIC AIGA, Sharp Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, April 2011
Start Sharp, juried by SAIC AIGA, Sharp Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, October 2010
Heimtextil Frankfurt: The Scent of Korea, Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt, Germany, 2009
Digital Film Festival by KINO, Seoul Art Cinema, Seoul, Korea, 2001

H O N O R S & A W A R D S
Outstanding Achievement Winner, HOW International Design Award, 2012
Anna Louise Raymond Fellowship, SAIC, 2011
Signage Design: "Seoul Toto Kids' Dental Clinic", selected in Korea Sign Design Yearbook 2006, 2006
1st Prize in CI Design Invitation, held by The Korean People Artist Federation, 2004
SNU Scholarship for Superior Academic Performance, SNU, 2001 ~ 2004
HaeJoo Joung Fellowship, 2001, 2002, 2003
Editor,"Uniqueness of Smile", presented in competition in Pusan International Film Festival, 2002
Director, "Mafia", Advanced to final selection in Digital Film Festival by KINO, 2001
Korea Nuclear Energy Foundation Fellowship, 2001

Joung, Jinyoung. So, Sangmin. “ A Contrastive Analysis Study of Infographics Visualizing Big Data" ” Design Covergency Study, 42 (October 2013): 257-272.
Cho, Yoonsung. Joung, Jinyoung. “A Study on the Data Visualization for Real Time Power System Operation” Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, Vol. 62, No 10 (October 2013): 1361-1367. <Scopus>
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Joung, Jinyoung. “The Flood of Conceptual Arts Missing Revolutionary Spirit in Korea.” Monthly Review for the Korean National and People's Arts 1 April. 2004: 26 -27. Print.
Joung, Jinyoung, et al. Artists and Designers: Understanding of Cinema- Nouvelle vague. Seoul: The Art Society of SNU, 2003. Print.

Research | Qualitative and quantitative research, analysis and synthesis, user observation, mind maps, documentary,
narratives, story boards, market positioning, flow charts and task analysis, information architecture, data visualization
Computer | Processing, Arduino, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Flash Action Script, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Dreamweaver,
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Director, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Keynote, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SPSS
Prototyping | Laser cutter, woodworking and metalworking tools

T R A V E L _ E X P E R I E N C E
Cuba, 2010
Mexico, 2010
Guatemala 2010
US, 2006, 2008, 2009
UK, 1996, 2009
Canada, 2006
Taiwan, 2006
China, 2006, 2002, 2001
Cambodia, 2002
Vietnam, 2002
India, 2001
Nepal, 2001
Thailand, 2001
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, England and Switzerland, 1996, 2013