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Seoul Toto Kid’s Dental Clinic
Corporate Identity + Interior Design, 100.3”x259.8”, Outer Facade by Wood
Corporate Identity
The Visual symbol mark was designed for the kid-specialized dental clinic. The lovely designed cheek tooth mark is associated with the shape of clouds. It shows that the clinic is particularly for kids.
X-Ray room - Pluorescent Stickers and Paint
Due to the darkness, an X-ray room is known for the scariest room by kids in the clinic. As one way to get rid of the scare one side of the wall is full of the fluorescent stickers as the shape of the constellation. While they enjoy the beautiful scenes, the X-Ray check-up will be finished.
Medical Office
Kids are usually afraid of going to the dental clinic. Thus, the whole environment of this clinic was designed to amuse and soothe them while they are in the clinic. The graphic shaped like a cloud was intended for patients to feel under illusion that they are lying down on the sky comfortably while getting a treatment.